5 Incredible Scottish Beaches Essential beaches to visit while camping NC500

Scotland; cold, wet and miserable, right? Wrong! How about white sand, turquoise waters and mountain views! As a matter of fact, Scotland is home to some of the best beaches this side of Europe. The pristine white sand beaches of the Scottish coast are often deserted, so it’s not uncommon to have them all to yourself! Whether you’re camping in a motorhome or a tent, north coast 500 isn’t short of incredible beaches to keep you going. It’s no coincidence that Scotland is home to one of the most notable coastal routes in the world, NC500. 


Hundreds of miles of coastline spanning from Lochcarron in the west to Inverness in the east, comprise Scotland’s infamous answer to Route 66. Here are 5 beaches you must visit!


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The isle of Harris isn’t on the official NC500 route, but while on the west coast, it’s a no brainier to hop over. Harris is home to magnificent white sand Hebridean beaches that stretch for miles. Offering unrivalled views from the nearby lofty gyrating coastal roads, this is a must visit, not only is it one of the most undisputedly stunning beaches on the island, but it’s one of the largest. Located near the island of Taransay on which the BBC’s Castaway was filmed, Luskentyre is one of Scotland’s best! Camping is supported by designated lay-bys.


A 10 minute drive from Luskentyre, and located in front of Horgabost campsite, this beach is a personal favourite. On a nice day, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re in the Caribbean, but look towards the horizon and the famous rugged highlands will soon assure you that you are in fact still in the UK! Camping here couldn’t be easier. The campsite offers ample parking space and plenty of opportunity to pitch your tent. Shower and kitchen facilities are available, and payment is made by way of a trust system.

Uig Bay

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North of Harris is the sister island of Lewis. Not officially a part of NC500, it’s nonetheless an essential diversion. The two islands are connected by a single road, and there’s plenty of beauty to take in. Of the numerous beaches, Uig is one of the most notable, only 20 miles from the harbour town of Stornoway. While at Uig, check out the standing stones of Callanish.


The north and west coasts of Scotland are dotted with spectacular beaches, but this is one of the best! just east of Durness and with on site parking off the A838, this is a heavenly location to stop off for a spot of lunch, or the night! With a flat grassy area overlooking the beach, you’ll have little difficulty pitching a tent. If you’re in a motor home, there’s a large parking lay-by overlooking this beauty. It’s also only a short walk from Rispond harbour.


This east coast beach isn’t quite the white sand kind of beach you’ll probably be used to by now, but its golden sands and nearby town make it a great place to visit. Located at the foot of the Royal Dornoch golf club, its ideal for motor homes offering parking with a view.


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