6 Gems of Slovenia Lake Bled, Lake Zelenci, Lake Bohinj, Vogel Ski Resort, Pericnik Falls, Triglav National Park

Slovenia; home to lush evergreen woodlands adorned by picture perfect mountain backdrops, emerald lakes and spectacular towns scattered along steep alpine valleys. Sharing its borders with Italy, Austria and Croatia, its beauty is by far some of the best in Europe. Being the small country that it is, points of interest are never too far away. Here are 6 beautiful places worth visiting all year round. (Lake Bled, Lake Zelenci, Lake Bohinj, Vogel Ski Resort, Pericnik Falls and Triglav National Park).

Where to Stay

With so many points of interest all located in such close proximity to one another, Slovenia offers plenty of choice. While the capital city, Ljubljana, is an option, it offers little in the way of natural beauty, and is probably better left for a day trip. So where should you stay? Well, firstly you’ll want to hire a car to get around. Once you’ve got your car, we recommend staying at the town of Bled, only a 40 minute drive from Ljubljana, or the stunningly gorgeous alpine region of Kranjska Gora. Bled is located at the foothills of the Triglav national park, is home to Slovenia’s most visited lake, and is central to both the highly attractive Kranjska Gora region, and Lake Bohinj/Vogel Ski resort (see below). Wherever you stay, you’re never more than a short drive away from some of Europes best natural beauty.

Lake Bled

Located on the foothills of the Julian Alps, and undoubtedly the most visited town in Slovenia, Bled is definitely worth a visit. It’s iconic lake surrounded by alpine mountains looks like something out of a fairytale. For panoramic views over the lake, visit Bled castle or one of the many surrounding hill-top view points. One of the most notable view points at Ojstrica offers spectacular views following a short but steep hike of moderate difficulty. Jump aboard a taxi boat or hire your own rowing boat and visit the historic church on Slovenia’s only island at the centre of lake Bled.

Lake Zelenci

Lake Zalenci and its surrounding nature park is one stop you mustn’t miss. This emerald lake is located at the end of a wooden footpath which starts at the nearby highway. Park in the lay-by along the 202 motorway and follow the footpath through the woods. A 5 minute walk will lead you to this small but spectacular transparent glacial lake. Alternatively you may want to park at Podkoren located on the other side of the lake for a 12 minute walk.

Lake Bohinj

Located half hour away from Bled, and near the small town of Bohinjska Bistrica, this is another of Slovenia’s Great Lakes. A great place for an afternoon walk, this lake sits at the foot of the Vogel ski resort. Having visited this spectacular lake, take a ride up the nearby cable car for a touch of skiing or a hot beverage at the ski resort cafe…

Vogel Ski Resort

Having taken the 5 minute cable car journey to the top of the mountains surrounding lake Bohinj (15 euro per person), enjoy a spot of skiing or simply take in the views looking back down into the valley. Sit at the cafe and enjoy the breathtaking alpine views before heading back down. Cable cars run every half hour.

Pericnik Falls

Located in the Slovenian alps in the Triglav national park, this mesmerizing waterfall will take your breath away. During the winter, the surrounding rock face is adorned with icy stalactites. Gushing into the gorge below, Pericnik is one of Slovenia’s secret gems. Negotiate the rocks surrounding Pericnik for great photo opportunities. In the event that the road is snowed under, park at the nearby town of Mojstrana for a half hour walk along the river to the waterfall. In the summer, you’ll be able to drive to within a 5 minute walk of the waterfall itself.

Triglav National Park

The national park named after its highest peak, Triglav, is an incredible place to visit. Its evergreen alpine forests, white-tipped mountain peaks, transparent gushing rivers and glacial streams are to die for. If you’re a nature lover, Triglav is for you! Home to Pericnik falls and great walks, this area of outstanding natural beauty is enough of a reason to visit Slovenia. The town of Bled sits at its foothills making it a great place to stay if you plan on venturing into the national park.

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