5 Places To Visit From Split, Croatia Featuring Split Old Town, Krka National Park, Brac, Zlatni Rat, Hvar, Stari Grad, Dubovica Beach

What’s Split All About…

Split is Croatia’s second largest city, and perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Dalmatian coast. Overlooking the stunningly clear waters of the Adriatic sea, the old city walls fortify what remains of the ancient Roman province of Dalmatia. With a spectacular climate, this cultured city offers great base for anyone wanting to explore the nearby Islands. If you’re planning a trip to Split, here a 5 great nearby places worth a visit; Split Old Town, Krka National Park, Island of Brac, Zlatni Rat, Hvar…

1. Split Old Town…

Split Bell Tower

The old town of Split is truly remarkable. Home to precious Roman ruins surrounded by original city walls, the old town is a must visit. For roughly €3.50 you can pick up a pass that’ll gain you entry into the various points of interest of Diocletian’s Palace. Located in the main square, be sure to:

  1. Climb the winding narrow stairway to the top of the infamous bell tower for spectacular views over the city.
  2. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Domnius.
  3. The crypt beneath the cathedral.
  4. The Temple of Jupiter.

Walking around the old town is a spectacle. Surrounded by an abundance of Roman, Venetian and medieval architecture, the old town of Split is a great place to dine. The perimeters of the city walls overlook the magnificent Adriatic coast, offering yet more opportunities to engage in local cuisine and culture. The palace central square is a great place to relax at night. Join fellow tourist for an evening of live music courtesy of Kavana Lvxor cafe.

Split Old Town Main Square By Night – Kavana Lvxor Cafe

2. Krka National Park

This idyllic national park is located 15 minutes from the beautiful town of Sibenik. Only an hours drive from Split, Krka is easy to get to, and makes for a perfect day trip out of the city. While there are organised excursions available, it’s highly advised to hire a car for the day. Tours can easily be booked in one of many tour agencies located near the old town. Car hire costs roughly €50-60 per day in Split. If you decide to drive here, head for the town of Lozovac for free parking and the start of the Krka trail.

The 109 km squared Krka river basin was proclaimed a national park in 1985, and offers a serene complex of waterfalls. Walking along the wooden platforms of this area of outstanding natural beauty is a must for anyone staying in Split. The wetlands host an array of fish and reptiles. Take a dip in the fresh transparent waters at the foot of the main waterfall, or simply relax and enjoy a hot or cold beverage.

Note: If you park at Lozovac, there is a downhill unpaved walk to the start of the wooden platform walkway.

3. Island of Brac

Brac Island is the closest of all the Islands to Split. Ferries sail approximately six times a day, and take 50 minutes to cross to the harbour town of Supetar. Once at Supetar, explore the tranquil harbour town, relax on one of the nearby beaches, or simply enjoy a spot of lunch at one of many restaurants along the sea front. The last sailings leave Supetar fairly late at night and a return journey costs a mere €6 euros per person. With the day on Brac, why not visit the spectacular Zlatni Rat beach on the north side of the island…

4. Zlatni Rat beach, Brac

Zlatni Rat Beach – 5 Things to Visit Near Split.

Known as the Golden Cape, Zlatni Rat is situated in the coastal town of Bol, on the island of Brac. With its crystal clear waters, this is one beach you simply don’t want to miss. While busses do run between Supetar and Bol, its cheap and easy to hire a car at Supetar. The car hire shop situated next to the tourist information office at Supetar ferry port offer small cars at a rate of €40 for the day if returned before closing. Like most Dalmatian beaches, Zlatni Rat is pebbly, but it’s a great place to take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea. only a 45 minute drive from Supetar, we highly recommend spending a few hours here. There is paid parking available nearby (follow the signs from Bol), cafes and deck chairs available at a small fee.

5. Hvar/Stari Grad and Dubovica Beach

Stari Grad, Hvar – 5 Things To Visit Near Split

The island of Hvar is a 2 hour ferry ride from Split. Like Brac, ferry tickets are well priced, but unlike Brac, ferries are slightly less frequent. Between the ferry companies, ships set sail to either Stari Grad or Hvar town. Like Brac harbour, the sea front towns of Hvar island offer tranquil places to eat, drink and explore.

If you opt to sail to Stari Grad, be sure to visit the spectacular Dubovica Beach. Only a 10 minute taxi ride from Stari Grad ferry port, ensure you negotiate and agree your fare in advance!

Dubovica Beach – 5 Things To Visit From Split

While Dubovica beach is pebbly, its waters are typically clear. It’s advised to take a pair of swimming shoes to prevent the unbearable pain of walking on pebbles! The walk down from the main road to Dubovica beach is fairly steep and unpaved, so good footwear is advised while negotiating it. While it may be easy to flag a return taxi during the summer months, its highly recommended to arrange a taxi pick up during the off-season. A small cafe operates on the beach serving food and drinks. There are however no chairs available, so take your picnic blanket!

Split truly is a spectacular place to visit, but here’s the catch; During the summer months, it can get incredibly busy, and temperatures can be unbearable. For best prices and a generally more enjoyable experience, we recommend considering visiting during the off-season. If you enjoyed this post, check out our post on visiting the Dolomites, Italy


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