A Brief Guide To Italy’s Dolomites And Ciampedel Free Hiking Map Included

Ciampedel and The Dolomites: The Perfect Getaway?

The mighty Dolomites of Italy; Home of towering mountains, steep slopes decorated with dense coniferous woodland, majestic peaks crowned with chiselled ridges and summer snow. A land where vertical valleys host an abundance of towns engulfed by rugged pinnacles and vast plateaus. Need I say any more?

If ever there was the perfect escape from the mundane, a trip to the Italian Dolomites would have to be it. Forming the main part of the southern limestone alps, this picturesque location set in South Tyrol offers nothing less than a slice of heaven. While the Dolomites are a magnet for skiers in the winter months, there is plenty on offer to the summer tourist. This spectacular location hosts a multitude of activities with something to offer everybody and anybody!

Things to do: Hike, ski, climb, cycle/mountain bike, paraglide or simply relax amidst the mountains.

The Dolomites, Italy

Getting There…

Nearest Airport: Verona, Italy.

The great thing is, the flying time from London to Verona is a mere hour and a half, with similar flying times from the rest of Europe. Getting to the Dolomites requires a further 2 and a half hour drive from Verona airport however.

Where To Stay…

Dolomite Valley, Italy

With a string of small towns scattered along the Dolomite valley, there’s no shortage of places to stay. Whether you choose the towns of Vich, Poza, Mazin, or Pordoi, you’ll never be more than a short drive away from a wide selection of cable cars, hiking routes and spectacular viewpoints. However, we highly recommend the town of Ciampedel!

Ciampedel offers spectacular surrounding scenery and a wide range of hotels. We are in no way associated with any hotels in the area, but our stay in Medil Hotel was definitely one to remember. The staff were amazing, the food to die for and it’s perfectly located, and all for a very affordable price. The inclusive Jacuzzi, pool, gym and sauna go down a treat after a days hiking too! Feel free to explore the internet for places to stay!

Sella Pass, Italy

What To Do…

As you drive from town to town along the valley road, you’ll find numerous cable cars running up and over the mountains. Each one leads to a spectacular plateau offering breathtaking panoramic views and hiking routes. The local hiking map indicates all cable car connections and hiking routes. (For your free map, e-mail us at contact@nomadic-planet.com). Cable cars aren’t free, and the type of pass required largely depends on the length of your stay. See below for prices.

Panorama Pass Cable Car Tickets (all prices in euros):

Pass:                      Adult:         Child:

3 Days                   58 (47*)     33 (27*)

6 Days                   79 (68*)     49 (43*)

7 Days                   92 (79*)     59 (50*)

*Your hotel may issue you with a Val Di Fassa discount card for reduced panorama pass prices.

Bikes & Hikes…

It’s possible to hire bikes from one of the many bike hire shops in each town, and some hotels also offer this service. (Bike hire is free for guests at the Medil hotel in Ciampedel). Taking bikes up into the mountains is permitted from most cable car stations. Once at the peak, specific bike trails can be found. Although limited, we do have some Dolomite bike maps available, e-mail us for more information.

Dolomites, Italy

Hiking is a popular activity in the Dolomites, and for good reason. With hundreds of hiking routes of varying difficulty, South Tyrol is second to none.

With tonnes of great peaks to visit, here are a few we recommend…

Recommended Trips…

Cable car station and cafe on top of Marmolada (2626m)


A 40 minute drive from Ciampedel, take the cable car up to 2,226m for spectacular panoramic views. If you’d rather hike, you’ll have the option to do so. Marmolada doesn’t have a traditional cable car, it’s more of a two-man standing cage (not for the faint hearted). There’s a small cafe at the top where you can relax with a hot drink as you look down into the valley. This particular peak is home to the Marmolada glacier.

Sass De Pordoi

Passo Pordoi & Sass De Pordoi: 

A short 10 minute drive from Ciampedel lies the town of Delba Alba. From here, take the cable car up to Col Di Rosc. You’ll need to hike along the mountain trail to the town of Passo Pordoi (follow signs). This shouldn’t take more than half an hour depending on ability. The views along this section of the dolomites are nothing less than breathtaking. Once you reach the town of Passo Pordoi, take the cable car up to the Sass De Pordoi peak (2,950m).

If you’d rather avoid the half hour hike between the Col Di Rosc and Passo Pordoi cable car stations, it’s possible to drive straight to Passo Pordoi in 20 minutes from Ciampedel.

Sella Pass, Italy

Sella Pass: 

One of my personal favourites. From Ciampedel, you can drive to this unique mountain pass in half an hour. It’s not only the destination that makes it worth while, but the drive too. Endlessly winding mountain roads surrounded by the Dolomites elevate you to 2,200 odd meters. Given a nice enough day, you could easily spend half of it here.

Lake Carezza

Lake Carezza:

Although lakes in the Dolomites are fairly scarce, Lake Carezza makes up for it! Only a half an hour drive from Ciampedel, this lake mustn’t be missed. For more information on visiting Lake Carezza, click here.

The Dolomites are without a doubt a must visit. Great for long weekends, expeditions and exploration. for more information and your free hiking map, feel free to email us.






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