Le Negresco, The Ultimate Place To Stay On The French Rivière 

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Le Negresco!

While on my travels, I’ve stayed in my fair share top notch hotels. And while writing about hotels is not my forte, Le Negresco is worthy of a special mention.

History, History, History!

Hotel Le Negresco can only be described as a classy sea view hotel at the heart of the French Riviera. Unlike major hotel chains, the century old signature hotel is the only hotel in the world to bear its name. If you want to stay at Le Negresco, hopping on a plane to the south of France is your only option!

With its exquisite architecture, quirky interior, and rich history, it is unique in every respect. It’s six floors encapsulate 400 years of French history, a lot of which is manifested in the form of treasures from Louis XVI’s reign.

In the French city of Nice, overlooking the clear blue Mediterranean, its presence practically dominates the coastline. It’s iconic pink dome (apparently resembling the breast of the architects mistress), proudly overlooks passers-by as they stop in admiration of its craftsmanship.

A “Nice” Attraction

Le Negresco is so notorious that it has become common practice for tourists from nearby hotels to routinely drop by. I initially found it strange that a hotel could be an attraction in itself, but all soon became apparent.

Although management have recently put a stop to visits from outsiders, it remains a popular site on the Côte d’Azur. So while on a trip to the south of France, opting to stay here was a no brainer! Having already seen the hotel from a mile down the road, I was immediately struck by its overwhelming detail and beauty. It looked incredibly out of place relative to neighbouring buildings, but it didn’t take long for me to comprehend why it was such a monumental attraction! As I approached the glass door entrance, I was greeted by a tall gentleman dressed in traditional French Napoleonic bourgeois attire. As the doors were held open, I stepped onto the immaculate marble floors of the reception. The reception was adorned with a large crystal chandelier, old portrait paintings and a concierge of “bourgeois” ready to assist me to my room. 

A Hotel Or A Museum?

The hotel, named after its founder, Henri Negresco, has long been an attraction in its own right. It had been brought to my attention prior to arriving that the hotel is a magnet for the rich and famous. With the likes of HM the Queen and Clint Eastwood taking up residence, I embraced the undeniable bourgeois culture in an attempt to veil my peasant roots.

Walking around the the hotel was extraordinary. I was constantly taken aback by the unique and exquisite decor to be found on every corridor, staircase and landing as I inquisitively roamed around.

I’d been told that the hotel was often mistaken for a museum, and it didn’t take me long to see why! With a wide range of contemporary abstract statues paired with the more traditional bust sculptures lining the many wide aisle corridors, there was no shortage of things to admire!The lift to my fourth floor room was a work of art in its own right. It’s red glossy door swinging open with little warning was quite entertaining. I was however equally tempted to use the stairs as to not neglect any of the many wonderful artefacts to be found clustered around the premises. 

A Room With A View!

As I entered my fourth floor suite, I was immediately struck by the spectacular view from the small balcony at the far end of the room. The sliding glass door was so immaculately clean that I walked straight into it; not the first time I can assure you!The room itself was just as quirky as the hotel, fit for a queen in every respect. The walls, devoid of wallpaper or paint, were lined in high quality fabrics, the ceiling too. The great thing about Hotel Negresco is that it is only a 10 minute walk to the old town. Not to mention it has its own private beach, and is only a half hour drive to Monaco. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, and despite the potentially high prices, its a must! Even if only for a weekend!


  • Be sure to ask for a sea view room.
  • Check in is quite late at 3pm and check out is 12pm. If your flight arrives early make sure you arrange an early check in.
  • Off season offers reasonable prices and weather.
  • Uber is a good way to get around for short trips from Le Negresco. Busses run between all major towns.
  • Visit Monaco. Its a 15min walk from Le Negresco to the 100 bus stop for a 40min scenic ride.
  • The hotel charge for currency exchange, and there aren’t many places to exchange money. Take your Euros with you!
  • Ask permission before taking pictures of the hotel that include staff. They aren’t all keen on it!
  • Make use of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door. There are late night room services that may disturb you.
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