Into The Wilderness, See Iceland With Nordurflug

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Winter In Iceland…

There is plenty to do in Iceland, but your itinerary pretty much depends on the time of year you decide to visit. Summer is a lot more expensive, but then days are longer and the temperatures higher. This naturally means you’ll reap the benefits of greater accessibility. During the winter months, it can be disheartening to find some of Iceland’s great tours closed for the season. But don’t worry, Nordurflug are about to give you every reason to pack your winter gear and go!

Whether you want to hire a car and explore, or sign up for one of the many tours available, you’ll want to keep an eye on the forecast. Iceland is occasionally hit with fairly harsh snow storms in the winter months. For some readers, this may be considered a good reason to stay put, but we would argue quite the opposite.

Yes, its bitterly cold and roads are often snowed under or too dangerous to drive on, but there’s something strangely romantic about the idea of a white Icelandic landscape. When you can’t drive, why not fly?

The Tour…

Nordurflug helicopter tours offer a variety helicopter tours to various parts of remote Iceland, but this unforgettable geothermal tour is one of the best things you’ll ever do. Taking you on an exhilarating 30 minute flight to a remote geothermal site at the heart of the Icelandic wilderness, you’ll land at a geologically active plateau, giving you the opportunity to explore parts of Iceland only accessible by air.

Sulphur pools

Upon arrival at Reykavik domestic airport, you’ll be welcomed with a selection of complimentary drinks as you await the arrival of your pilot. Each helicopter takes up to 4 passengers, so you won’t be alone. Having completed a short but detailed briefing, you’ll be invited to your allocated helicopter.

Let the excitement take over as you strap yourself in. Upon completion of all pre-flight checks you’ll begin a gentle ascent over the city of Reykavik. Your flight path will take you beyond the capital city swooping low over sharp and rugged mountainous terrain, sweeping past mountain peaks and inactive volcanic craters as you head into the wilderness.

Your pilot will introduce you to the sensational landscapes below as you gaze out over the horizon. This trip is sure to take you to a whole new level of fervour. The theatrical panoramic views are unrivalled, and as you begin to land in the midst of the Icelandic wilderness, prepare to have your breath taken away!


deep snow in the remote Icelandic mountains

At The Site

Walking around the geothermal site is simply breathtaking. As you tread on snow untouched, its hard not to be stricken with awe. There’s something magical about the way the frozen Icelandic landscape begets formations of immense heat. Geothermal vents hiss as they eject a constant stream of steam. Colourful sulphur reservoirs boil away filling the air with an overwhelming odour.

This tour would undoubtedly be just as thrilling in the summer months, but don’t be put off by the snow, it’s probably the best time to see Iceland if you ask us!

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  • If it’s snowing on your tour, wear boots. The snow can be knee-deep and normal trainers won’t cut it!
  • Don’t get too close to the sulphur reservoirs. They are unstable and can cause serious burns.
  • The Nordurflug centre is a 20 minute walk or 8 minute taxi ride from the town centre.
  • The Nordurflug centre is not at the main domestic terminal. Make sure you tell your driver to drop you to the helicopter tour terminal!
  • The site is remote and cold. Wrap up warm and wear thick socks!
  • You can take small bags with your valuables on board, they will however be placed in a luggage hold.

Watch Our 12 Minute Tour…

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